GMB says public sector is paying the price for bankers’ recession and stalled recovery


Almost 200 jobs are to go at councils at Havering and at Windsor and Maidenhead.

While 31 people are being made redundant at Windsor and Maidenhead, 160 jobs are to go in Havering. Since the general election, more than 376,000 public sector jobs have been lost across the UK – a fact the GMB says is because council workers are being forced to pay the price for the bankers’ recession and the stalled recovery.

Regional officer Sandra Vincent said: “We’re shocked the council has made this announcement of 160 redundancies in the run-up to Christmas. As far as I’m concerned, this is an appalling Christmas present for our members.

“These new job losses are part of the second wave of job losses arising from public sector cuts. A double dip Osborne recession, rising unemployment, rapidly falling living standards are the Tory/Lib Dem miserable Christmas gifts to the nation. The millions of workers without jobs face a miserable Christmas and a bleak New Year.

“Instead of attacking pensions and employment rights and making it easier to sack people the government should be pursuing policies to create jobs, which is something it is failing miserably to do. Where are all the jobs that it promised -to make up for the 710,000 jobs cut in the public sector as an act of deliberate policy?  As we can now see more than half of these, 376,000, have already gone.

“This government upon election made cuts which shattered confidence and stalled the then internationally shared priorities for recovery from the banker’s recession.  It bears a heavy responsibility for the shifting of international priorities away from growth and to more economic pain.”

The union has received a Section 188 Advance Notice of 160 redundancies at London Borough of Havering due to restructuring due to reductions in budgets.

A 90 day consultation period started earlier in December and the jobs are scheduled to go by 31st March 2012. The section 188 notice says the council will look for volunteers from the workforce.  If not enough volunteers come forward selection will be based upon identified criteria including performance indicators like absenteeism and disciplinary records.

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