Hundreds of teachers in Nottingham reject revised plans to change school term dates


Hundreds of teachers in Nottingham have rejected revised plans from the local council to change school term dates across the city.

(Pictured: NUT members attend strike rally, March 2012)

The NUT says 73% of members are opposed to the changes and nearly 70% are prepared to take strike action.

The results of the survey were released ahead of a meeting later today at which councillors are expected to make the final decision whether to implement the proposed changes.

NUT officials says the authority has maintained a threat to dismiss any employee in a maintained school who does not agree to accept the changes.

The latest confrontation comes after almost 9 months of negotiations following 3 days of strike action in the spring, challenging plans by Nottingham City Council to impose a new 5-term school year.

Earlier this month, the council finally shelved the 5-term plan and proposed a traditional cycle of three terms each year, but insisted on a shorter summer holiday.

NUT regional secretary, Ian Stevenson said: “There is a clear and consistent message being sent to Nottingham City Council from members of the NUT, that is: that they reject the five term year and the other proposed to changes to school term dates.

“The NUT will now continue to campaign against changes to the terms dates and holiday patterns.

“This may include the continuance of the strike action which was suspended during the summer term.”

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