Survey comes as ballot papers go out to more than 20,000 Unite bus workers, in protracted dispute over Olympics bonuses


A survey of almost 3000 London transport passengers has revealed that almost nine out of ten back bus workers’ call for an Olympic payment.

It comes as ballot papers are being sent out to more than 20,000 Unite bus drivers and other workers, in the 6-month dispute over Olympics bonuses.

Bus workers are the only London transport workers not receiving an award for the projected massive increase in workload during the 2012 Games.

A total 2,955 London residents and visitors were interviewed by MASS 1 on London buses and at major rail stations.

Half the respondents were interviewed in and around Stratford and the Olympic Park.

The survey found that 88% thought London bus workers should get an Olympic payment in line with other transport workers in the capital.

Also, backing up the union’s argument that bus drivers will be on the ‘frontline’ during the Olympics, 84% of those surveyed believed that bus workers have the most contact with passengers.

Unite’s regional secretary for London, Peter Kavanagh said: “Londoners, commuters and tourists overwhelmingly believe bus workers deserve an award for keeping London moving during the Games.

“With 72 days left until the Games begin and a strike ballot underway, it’s astonishing that bus operators are still doing zero to resolve this dispute and [transport agency] TfL is refusing to get involved.

“Passengers should direct their anger at TfL and the bus companies.

“Their behaviour is a massive dereliction of duty to London.

“If bus workers take strike action up to and during the Olympic Games the bus companies and TfL will be to blame.”

Following months of protracted negotiations with transport unions, workers at Network Rail will get an Olympic Games £500, Docklands Light Railway staff will get £900, plus guaranteed overtime at enhanced rates and Virgin Rail has agreed a £500 Olympic payment.

A separate offer of at least £600 has been accepted by workers at TfL’s London Overground.

Unite members at London Underground will receive £850.

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