Four strands of activity

Our activity focuses on four distinct strands that interweave to build a network of resistance to neoliberalism.

News and social media

USi reports on news that is of value to trade union and progressive activists. We use new media streams to build a constituency of people committed to social justice.


We use our technological resources and communications platform to design and advance the causes of trade unions and progressives around the world: for workers’ and human rights, for the environment, for women’s rights, and to challenge the neoliberal agenda.


We work with trade unions and their members to empower their members to fight back against the assault on living standards. We provide education in social media and campaigns, and work with partner organisations to create a learning community focused on international labour movement issues.


We are building a research database that will allow those researching corporations to easily share their information, so that we can build better and more hard hitting campaigns.

Vision Statement

Trade unions know that it is increasingly difficult to maintain a strong media presence against the backdrop of the current economic, social and political conditions. New media give us an opportunity to bypass traditional media and speak directly with people with an interest in our point of view.


  • To promote and support solidarity campaigns with trade unions and others in countries worldwide.
  • To identify and propose practical solidarity initiatives and to raise additional funding for such projects.
  • To encourage greater understanding of international issues within trade unions and progressive social and community organisations, and to assist in the development of effective international education.
  • To campaign on solidarity activities promoting human and trade union rights.
  • To promote social and cultural links between countries based on the principles of international solidarity.


  • USi intends to connect trade unionists in countries around the globe to help connect and empower workers to fight global neo-liberalism. This will lead to effective international solidarity action, through campaigns, fundraising (for e.g. health and safety equipment), web conferencing and written blogs by workers across the globe and academics, information exchange and twinning between workplaces in different countries.
  • The purpose of USi is to inspire, coordinate and facilitate international trade union solidarity campaigns. We will use Constituent Relationship Management software to build a global constituency that can be mobilised quickly around an issue.  We hope to build a constituency while empowering union activists to develop and drive campaigns and it will focus on trade union rights.
  • While USi is not a think tank, it will benefit from the considerable expertise of some of the world’s leading progressive economists and industrial relations specialists. This means that USi will be able to develop sophisticated analyses and alternative narratives to those that dominate public discourse.
  • USi will be ready to work with UK and Irish unions to develop international education and campaign communication course, but also will seek to build international demand through online campaign materials and courses that can be utilised to empower workers across the world.