Management at West Lothian specialist packaging plant had tried to impose unilateral new contracts and locked union reps out of site offices


Unite members at API Foils in Livingston have welcomed a deal which ends weeks of industrial action over the imposition of new contracts on staff and the withdrawal of union facilities.

Following a series of one-day strikes on Fridays which began last month, officials say the company has given written commitments that it will respect established agreements in the future and engage in ‘meaningful consultation’ over new the contracts.

Management has also agreed to a further 1% in basic pay for staff.

Workers at the West Lothian site make specialised packaging and labels.

The union protested that local management had withdrawn facilities such as computers from reps at the plant and locked them out of offices which contained union files.

Unite regional officer, Gillian McKay, who has been involved in the dispute from the start, added: “It has not been an easy period for the workforce and strike action wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly, particularly in this economic climate.

“The strike action united the workers together and built and developed relationships that will continue in the workplace now that the strike is over.

“I am delighted that this dispute is finally over and that our members can return to normal working. Our members are absolutely delighted with the outcome.”

Officials had warned that workers across the UK could face a wave of attacks on their working conditions and employment contracts if recommendations in the Beecroft Report, which was published last month, were implemented.

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