GMB members at Stansted Airport ballot for action over Bank Holiday weekend


Baggage handlers at Stansted Airport are to ballot for industrial action over pay cuts of up to £1,000 a year.

The GMB members, who work for Swissport, will vote on whether or not to strike over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Swissport has imposed a change to shifts patterns which GMB estimates will cost each of the 150 members up to £1,000 a year. The changes will also require that the baggage handlers travel to work an additional 13 times a years with all the additional transport and childcare costs.

GMB organiser Gary Pearce said: “The GMB Shop Stewards have been meeting with Swissport since January. GMB has offered several alternative shift patterns and working arrangements but the company refuses to listen. The company is intent on imposing these changes without agreement and this is completely unacceptable.

“Swissport claim they have lost work on the Ryanair contact at the airport. GMB baggage handlers have seen no evidence of this. Swissport also claim that they are losing money on the contract. GMB has asked to see the evidence to confirm this but Swissport have refused to comply leading members to question if what they are being told is true.
“GMB members consider that Swissport is attempting to make savings at their expense and they are not willing to agree to this. If they vote for action this could result in disruption over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.”

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