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Memners of Yokogawa labour union protest against the dismissal of their leader

Members of Yokogawa labour union protest against the victimisation of trade unionists

Yokogawa Labour Union (YLUBH) was founded on the 5th of Oct 2010 by workers at Yokogawa Middle East and Africa, an engineering firm. The workers were exercising their right to establish a union to represent and defend their rights, in accordance with Bahrain’s Law on Workers’ Trade Unions, no. 33. The union sought to establish a social dialogue and negotiate with company representatives to create a collective bargaining agreement, as recommended by labour law and triparite agreements between the Bahrain Ministry of Labour, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce, and the GFBTU trade union confederation. The company rejected this approach and responded by suspending all meetings with the unions’ leaders, and ignoring official correspondence. For the past three years, Yokogawa management has engaged in a systematic campaign to suppress union activity, by:

  • Intimidating the thirteen workers who joined the union and withdrawing their rights to annual bonuses, increments, training – as well as the right to union membership.
  • Sending an illegal internal warning letter to the union leader.
  • Summoning all union members to the police station – the first time this has happened in Bahrain’s history – no one, including the union’s leader, has been tried or found guilt in a court of law.
  • Suspending, sacking and prosecuting the union leader for talking about the case to the media.
Union leader Sami Abdulaziz, sacked for talking to the media

Union leader Sami Abdulaziz, sacked for talking to the media

The union is asking us to contact Yokogawa MEA and demand:

  • Immediately reinstate our union leader who was  clearly sacked for his union activities
  • Respect Freedom of Association and collective bargaining rights of the union and workers as recognised by Bahrain labour law
  • Stop all acts of discrimination against workers and unionistists and implement equal opportunities for all .
  • To participate io meaningful dialogue with union representatives.
  • Stop intimidating and threatening workers for their union membership and recognise their right to freedom of speech and association

Contact via website: Tweet

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