BECTU members angry at imposed changes to schedules

Tim Lezard Journalism (IFJ), BECTU,

BBCStudio managers for BBC Global News are tomorrow walking out for twelve hours over proposed changes to the way they are scheduled.

The BBC is determined to reduce the number of people that can be on leave at any one time and want to cut this by 50% from eight people to four per day, plus one additional person for four days per week. This will make it very much harder for people to be able to take leave at a time suitable for them and their families.

Despite efforts by BECTU to negotiate a compromise the BBC is imposing the change today. Talks have been ongoing for several months but it has proved impossible to get an agreement.

BECTU assistant general secretary Luke Crawley said: “We accept that leave needs to be managed and we are willing to compromise but BBC management are dogmatic in their belief that their proposal is the only solution. This dismissive attitude has angered our members, and as a consequence there is a huge majority of 92% for strike action.

“We do not want to hit World Service language programmes but BECTU members have been backed into a corner. This will be a very well supported strike.”


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