Electrician Dan Collins gives details to Mayor’s PA to set up date

Boris Johnson (l) meets electrician Dan Collins

Boris Johnson (l) meets electrician Dan Collins

The Mayor of London has agreed to formally meet with an agency worker sacked from Crossrail after he had raised concerns about safety.

Boris Johnson briefly met Dan Collins outside the Leicester Square offices of LBC Radio, when the electrician asked: “Do you know that agency construction workers are being blacklisted with no employment rights on Crossrail? Tax payers money is going to companies that avoid safety and are blacklisting workers for raising health and safety issues”

The Mayor took a leaflet about the safety sackings on Crossrail and responded: “I’m not aware but will be happy to speak with you about it”.

Johnson’s PA took Dan Collins email and telephone number to arrange a date for a future meeting to discuss the issue.

A spokesperson for the Blacklist Support Group said: “This is not the first time Boris has had to deal with questions about blacklisting and safety on Crossrail, as the GLA have discussed the issues which has blighted the prestigious rail construction. But it is the first time he has come face to face with a highly qualified construction worker who has been dismissed.

“Crossrail and Unite were involved in a 12-month industrial dispute about another union member, Frank Morris, who was also blacklisted from Crossrail. Morris was eventually reinstated on Crossrail.”

Dan Collins was working via an employment agency on the Bond Street section of the project. On the Monday morning he started he was told there was three years’ work and offered unlimited overtime and weekend working.

Two days later he complained about an unsafe raised walkway across exposed steel reinforcing that did not have a handrail, and two days after that he was escorted off the site by security.

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