Union slams Cameron’s plans to turn 400 primary schools into academies


David Cameron’s plans to turn 400 primary schools into academies are “irresponsible and rash”, warns the NUT.

Responding to today’s announcement by the Prime Minister, NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: “There is no evidence to show that academy status in primary schools will bring any educational benefits. Despite this the coalition government is pressing ahead regardless, removing schools from their local authority and handing them over to unelected sponsors.

“These decisions are being taken over the heads of local authorities, teachers, head teachers and parents. Despite direct threats and reproaches from Michael Gove and his department many Local Authorities remain unconvinced of the merits of the government’s vision for education.

“It is quite extraordinary that at a time of such huge spending cuts the Prime Minister is announcing that he is happy to spend £10 million to find sponsors for this project.

“This is such irresponsible and rash behaviour from a coalition whose motivation appears ever clearer to be the privatisation of our education system”.

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