Union vows to take matter to the top, saying it will not bow to racism


The Home Office is trying to stop PCS members joining an anti-EDL demonstration outside their workplace.

The extreme rightwing group is today protesting outside the Home Office’s headquarters. Civil servants working inside the building planned to join a counter demo organised by Unite Against Fasicsm.

But UnionNews has learned the Home Office issued a memo to staff, saying: “You are reminded that civil servants should not engage in any interaction with the demonstrators or the media covering the protest”.

When the union sought clarification, it was told: “this is a political demonstration. It is therefore not appropriate for staff to become involved, especially during purdah”.

PCS national officer Paul O’Connor told UnionNews: “The counter demonstration organised by UAF, and supported by us, provides a platform for decent people to demonstrate against the racist EDL.

“We will not bow to racism and we are committed to confronting it wherever it rears its ugly head. It’s shameful that, as an equal opportunities employer, the Home Office doesn’t appear to share our commitment.”

The union is to write to management to formally register its disgust at their position, and to remind them they do not allow staff to be members of the EDL, so opposing the demonstration is consistent with its own employment practices.




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