NUT believes decision not to convert to academy status may set national precedent


Governors at a primary school in Ealing have shelved plans to convert to academy status.

The NUT believes the decision taken last night by governors of Petts Hill Primary School  may set a national precedent.

The school was expected to join a chain of academy schools on December 1st, but following a strong local campaign by staff, parents, governors, Labour councillors, local MP Steve Pound and the NUT, governors changed their minds.

NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: “Congratulations to all who worked on this local campaign. This is a clear demonstration that academy status can be opposed and local democratic accountability can be upheld

Local NUT assistant-secretary Stefan Simms on behalf of members at the school, said: “ We regret the pressure put on local authorities and schools everywhere by the Secretary of State’s blind faith in Academies per se.

“It is not the structure of any school that makes a difference to children’s lives. It is the quality of teaching. We were always confident that this was an improving school, which OFSTED confirmed as ‘Good’ in every respect in September. We now note that Michael Gove has had to respect this change of heart locally, so that Petts Hill can remain a good, locally-managed school serving the northern Northolt neighbourhood.”


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