Union halts planned action after employer offers improved pay deal


Strike action by RMT members on the Tyne and Wear Metro scheduled for next Thursday, June 21, has been suspended after operating company DB Regio tabled an improved pay offer.

A strike on June 7 – alongside Churchill cleaners striking in a separate pay and victimisation dispute – brought the network to a standstill, after RMT members voted overwhelmingly for action against a payoffer that would have delivered perpetual pay cuts.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “Late yesterday DB Regio tabled an improved offer that represents a substantial shift in the company’s position, and as a result the RMT executive has suspended next Thursday’s action in order that our members can consider it.

“Our members are to be congratulated for the rock-solid action they took last week, which gave our talks team the leverage needed to deliver movement from the company.”

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