Union says donation is to counter-balance Tory cash from big business

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Labour Party logoUnite’s executive council today agreed to donate £1.5 million to the Labour Party’s campaign funds.

In a statement the union’s executive expressed concern that the Tory-led government could be re-elected on a ‘tide of big business cash’, while Labour remains under resourced.

The statement from the executive council said: “The executive council heard reports from the general secretary and the political director concerning Labour’s general election campaign, the development of Labour’s policy proposals on a range of issues of importance to Unite members and all working people, and Unite’s own plans to campaign for the political change the country needs.

“The union is determined that the present government should not be allowed to float to re-election on a tide of big business cash, while Labour remains under resourced. The council therefore agrees to make a donation of £1.5 million to the Labour Party’s campaign funds and will consider further support in due course.”

The donation is separate from Unite’s affiliation fees to Labour. These were halved in 2014 to comply with the recommendations of the Collins Review.


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