NUS says survey is wake-up call to TV, film and games industry


A new survey showing talented young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and women are being discouraged from the film, television and games industries is a ”wake up call”, says the NUS.

The BAFTA Career Pathways Survey questioned 2,077 young people aged 16-24 and almost 200 BAFTA members about their career decision-making processes and influences.

Commenting on the inaugural British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Career Pathways Survey, NUS said action was needed if students with talent and determination were not to be deterred.

NUS Vice President Vicki Baars said: “The film, television and games industries are hugely popular career paths for study leavers but too many have their dreams thwarted by the persistent impression that the door is closed for them unless they come from a certain background, know the right people, or can afford the luxury of working unpaid for months to get a foot on the employment ladder. This report is a wake-up call.

“It is clear there is a real need for more information, advice and guidance for students about, but also to tackle the problematic gender gap in these industries and the lack of available paid work experience.

“If the best is to be made of the huge and diverse talent out there we need to see urgent changes which would allow those with the talent and determination, but who don’t happen to live in London or have the luxury of depending on the bank of mum and dad, to access opportunities or experience.”

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