A group of tech workers has created Biçda, the Information Technology Workers Solidarity Network in Turkey

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BICDA Turkey techProgrammers, network operators, system analysts,  testers and industrial workers have come together in Turkey to form a tech workers solidarity network, called Bilişim Calışanları Dayanışma Ağı or BİÇDA. The purpose of the network is to:

  • Unite tech workers around the world.
  • Train workers who are in struggle how to use internet and social media
  • Promote the use of technology in the struggle for workers.
  • Provide free technical training

The tech workers also come together regularly to share experiences and troubleshoot each other’s problems.

The network addresses the specific conditions of work in the tech industry: work is intensive, with lots of overtime. Workers need to be available almost 24/7. Companies control workers by telling them that they are all part of a big, professional family, and that career opportunities are unlimited – but this just a manipulative attempt to get workers to do more work for less pay.

Plenty of workers fall for it, but many are waking up and smelling the coffee, and getting together with other techies to warn them they will be cheated by the bosses unless they wise up.

Work is insecure, with very few permanent contracts. Pension rights are being eroded, and holidays are rare. It has become the norm to work while on holiday: to complete projects, do maintenance and provide customer support.

The network was set up when a group of Turkish techies were talking amongst themselves, and realised they were all facing the same problems. Clearly, the answer is solidarity. The group resolved to be informed about rights and related legislation; to educate each other; to share our work experience; to avoid being alone in this huge sector and to be an address for the solidarity of IT workers.

But BİCDA realise that the issues of the tech industry aren’t restricted to Turkey. The IT industry is international, with workers based in different countries collaborating on projects. Precarious conditions are the norm across the world. BİCDA would like to form an international network of tech workers.

If you work in tech, get in touch.


Free technical training from BİÇDA

BİÇDA provides training completely free of charge, because “IT employees are willing to share knowledge and experience gained in the workplace because we believe that all workers must stick together. We have no need or desire to exploit workers even though the company does. Our belief is that workers must stick together.

BİÇDA has already given the following training workshops:

  • Internet Programming (PHP, HTML, CSS), Logic of Object-Oriented Programming, Database Programming(SQL), Software Testing and Quality Management. This training video is available online.

In the near future, BİÇDA plans to teach Qt Programming, Photoshop, 3DS Max, Erlang, Adobe Premierre, HTML5, CSS3, .NET, C, C + + , C #, JAVA, Embedded System Design.

BİÇDA also holds regular meetings to discuss and solve problems, as well as arranging movie nights to watch documentary films.

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