Rail services workers have not received a pay increase in 4 years. Company’s current offer leaves St Pancras cleaners well short of London Living Wage target. Pic ©Guy Smallman


Initial cleaners at the St Pancras International terminal are continuing a second day of strike action this morning in a campaign against what the RMT says is poverty pay.

On the first day of a 48 hour strike yesterday, around seventy pickets and supporters brought horns, drums for a rally outside the London Eurostar terminal.

The workers have not had a pay increase for maintaining the opulent Eurostar terminal in four years. The company’s current offer of a 13p increase would bring them to to £ 6.76. However, that is still well short of London Mayor Boris Johnson’s London living wage target of £8.30 an hour.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “It’s disgraceful that the cleaners who mop up the spilt Bollinger in the St Pancras champagne bar are on poverty pay levels. This scandal is a blight on London’s status as a world class city in the run up to the Olympics and we are determined to force it into the headlines.

“RMT wants a swift resolution to this dispute and the union is appalled that Network Rail, a public body still reeling from its own bonus scandal, has not lifted a finger to stop this exploitation by its cleaning contractors.”

Image ©Guy Smallman


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