Tomorrow’s rail strike off after RMT members secure 10% pay rise


Cleaners working for the Carlisle Group on the Virgin West Coast Mainline have called off tomorrow’s strike after winning a pay increase of 10% along with further improvements in benefits, allowances and working conditions.

The new deal will be phased in over the next 10 months but from this week staff will be 5% better off.

In the run-up to the dispute RMT has recruited hundreds of new members and it is that strong and vibrant union organisation that has delivered a rock-solid 24 hour strike and industrial action including a refusal to empty on-train sewage tanks.

The deal means that since June 2010 RMT has moved the cleaner’s rate of pay from £5.80 to £7.12 per hour by September 2013, so as a result of over 3 years of campaigning and building the union we have achieved a 23% increase in our members pay.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “It is solely down to the strength, solidarity and sheer courage of the Virgin West Coast Cleaners that we have been able to negotiate this 10% pay deal. We have moved the cleaning contractors, Carlisle, from a 1% offer to a 10% settlement and in the current climate that is a fantastic achievement.

“This 10% pay deal sends out a message to low paid workers everywhere that if you organise in a trade union, and are prepared to put up a fight that you can win.

“RMT is now stepping up campaigns for a fair deal for cleaners and catering staff across the transport industry and the model campaign on the West Coast Main Line cleaners will be rolled out to other companies with the clear message that we can win.”

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