Frances O’Grady says families have a right to know what plans George Osborne has for tax credits and child benefit payments

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disabled badgeThe TUC has called on the Tories to explain how they are going to cut £12bn from the welfare budget.

Last night the BBC reported leaked files revealed the Conservatives were looking restricting child benefits and taxing disability benefits.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “It is time the Conservatives came clean about exactly how they plan to make a further £12bn of cuts to the welfare budget.

“These leaked proposals make for very disturbing reading, especially for severely disabled people and carers. But even these dramatic cuts in support won’t go half way to meeting the Chancellor’s target.

“Low-paid working families with children deserve to know what plans George Osborne has for their tax credits and child benefit payments. The only way to reach £12bn is to slash these vital sources of support too.”

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