GMB and Unite members employed under the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI) vote by 66.8% to accept new deal

crane constructionConstruction workers have voted to accept a 6% pay rise over three years from January.

Members of GMB and Unite, employed under the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI), voted by 66.8%.

GMB national officer Phil Whitehurst said: “This is a good deal in a very troubled economic climate for our members working in engineering and construction under NAECI.

“It is the outcome of 10 months of very hard negotiations with representatives from the Engineering Construction Industry Association (ECIA). The final offer from the employers was conveyed to the National Stewards Forum on 20th October 2015 with a recommendation from the National Engineering Construction Committee (NECC) negotiating team to accept. This recommendation was unanimously endorsed by all the national stewards present.

“The shop stewards then accordingly convened meetings and balloted members on the sites. There is a return of 66.8% in favour of acceptance, 32.85% in favour of rejection, with 0.35% abstentions. The employers have been notified of the ballot result.

“This deal represents 6% over its three year life span commencing from Monday January 4th 2016. It will bring financial stability to the industry and should help to attract investment in much needed infrastructure projects in the UK”.

Unite national officer Bernard McAulay said: “The talks have been challenging in an extremely difficult economic climate. This three year settlement shows the commitment of the signatory parties to continue to uphold the founding principles and values of direct employment under the terms and conditions of the national agreement.

“This agreement is essential in delivering the next generation of low carbon energy projects across the UK, which are crucial in facilitating the transition of the country’s existing energy source to a low carbon economy by 2030, whilst providing employment opportunities for the next generation of highly skilled engineering construction workers.”
The agreement also provides for:
• Paid inductions at the appropriate weekend rate of pay.
• A new clause covering free tools for Thermal Insulation members.
• Consolidation of 30 pence per hour bonus into the hourly rate from 4 January 2016.
• A new supplementary payment clause for future Nuclear New Build projects which will increase earnings.
• A new clause that provides for non-UK workers to be paid the full terms and conditions of the National Agreement through a UK payroll provider thereby circumventing non-UK companies from exploiting their employees.
• An industry working party to review moving between grades and to report back within three months.

The national agreement covers engineering construction workers and applies to major engineering construction projects across the UK such as power stations and oil, gas and petro-chemical projects.


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