GMB demands Falkirk Council rescinds threat to allow negotiations to take place

Falkirk CouncilA council in Scotland has threatened to sack 7,000 workers and re-employ them as it looks to save £1.5m.

The GMB has called on Falkirk Council to stop the move, accusing it of holding a gun to the heads of its members.

GMB organiser Christina Lambie said: “Falkirk Council has already told the trade unions that they have a funding gap of £46 million over the next few years.  We also know that the council wants 430 redundancies and wants to cut the terms and conditions of employment by £1.5 million.

“However for the council to come to a workforce, that has already seen the standard of living drop due to low or no pay increases over the past few years and that has seen an increase in workloads due to reduction in staff numbers, to tell them their contracts of employment are going to be terminated before any meaningful negotiations have taken place is absolutely shocking.

“We are demanding that the threat to terminate the employment of 7,000 workers in Falkirk Council is removed so as to allow negotiations to take place without this threat hanging over the heads of the workforces.”

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