CWU conference expected to endorse threat of a mail boycott if Ofcom fails to intervene to protect universal postal service

Tim Lezard

Royal-Mail-postboxIndustrial action in Royal Mail is expected to be one step closer today when CWU reps are expected to endorse the threat of a mail boycott if the postal regulator Ofcom fails to intervene to protect the postal service.

The union warns that postal workers could refuse to handle almost half of all the letters normally delivered by Royal Mail.

Officials say concerns are rising regarding changes to the postal service affecting jobs, services and performance standards.

A thousand reps from across Royal Mail Group are meeting later at the union’s policy forum in Liverpool.

A motion to be debated this morning criticises “cherry picking the profitable parts of the delivery network” and calls for private firms to meet “the same quality of service and performance standards as Royal Mail.”

The union also warns of a “race to the bottom” on the pay and conditions of postal workers and calls for minimum industry standards for postal workers, underpinned by the Living Wage as a minimum for pay.

Details of a possible boycott of private-companies’ mail are scheduled to be published next month. It could see postal workers refusing to handle third-party mail – which makes up almost half of all letters delivered by Royal Mail.

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