IWGB members spring surprise visit on Living Wage denier

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City SprintMembers of the Independent Worker’s Union of Great Britain (IWGB) are today staging a protest at one of City Sprint’s high profile clients as part of their campaign to raise the rates of pay for the company’s riders nationwide.

Riders will set off at 8am from IWGB headquarters in London heading towards a mystery City Sprint client. The client is a Living Wage-accredited firm, and will remain unnamed until the couriers’ arrival.

The protest will be a flash, indoor occupation, and, like previous demonstrations held at Google and Linklaters’ London headquarters, it will be focussed on the exploitative rates the organisation pays its workers.

Maggie Dewhurst, chair of the Courier and Logistics Branch of the IWGB, said: “We continue to target CitySprint and their clients, as they are complicit in the suppression of couriers’ wages – both at CitySprint and across the capital.

“Companies who carry the ethical badge of Living Wage accreditation should be making sure that the couriers who do their deliveries are fairly paid.”

City Sprint has been the target of the union’s campaign to win riders the London Living Wage since May 2015 because it has not raised its rates of pay more than 15 years, leaving couriers increasingly out of pocket and earning as little as £2.00 per delivery.

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