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Blacklisting is denying working class people a right to work. It has ruined many lives and it has even turned one individual to suicide.

Unite believe that blacklisting is abhorrent and that those responsible for blacklisting should be subject to the maximum possible criminal penalties. Those companies found to be actively involved in blacklisting should also be excluded from public contracts.

Unite will continue to actively expose blacklisting and support any member who believes they are being actively discriminated against simply for belonging to a trade union.

Unite’s Assistant General Secretary, Gail Cartmail has recently given evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminister and Unite will be continuously campaigning against this activity.

In this #DailyOutrage we are also discussing violence against women around the world.

When it comes to violence against women the statistics still remain devastating. Violence amongst women aged 15 – 44 causes more death and disability worldwide than cancer, war, malaria and traffic accidents. Again, at least 1 in 3women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex or abused in her lifetime. These statistics are horrifying and this is why, women activists campaign for equal rights in different countries around the world. For example, FEMEN campaigns for women rights around the world.


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