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Ireland, the poster child for Troika-led austerity programmes, is technically back in recession, having suffered three quarters of economic contraction.

The is despite having low corporate tax rates which have attracted some of the world’s wealthiest companies, including Apple and Google. This demonstrates that business-friendly, private sector led attempts to grow the economy have failed.

Austerity does not work.

Meanwhile, the people of Ireland continue to endure 14% unemployment, and feel that the recession never ended.

In a dramatic case in Texas, Democratic senator Wendy Davis blocked an anti-abortion bill by speaking for 11 straight hours. 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men – 100% of whom will never get pregnant.

Obama is visiting South Africa as part of a tour of Africa. He was met by protesters from the union federation COSATU, protesting US foreign policy.

Meanwhile former South African president Nelson Mandela is gravely ill, and senior Tory politicians in the UK are lining up to praise his legacy and associate themselves with him. This is the worst kind of hypocrisy, as many of them were campaigning for Mandela to be hanged as a terrorist in the 1980s.

We report the sad news that Iranian union organiser Afshin Osanloo, brother of Mansour Osanloo, the leader of the Tehran bus drivers’ union, has been found dead in prison. He had been charged with breaching national security due to his union activities.


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