#dailyoutrage: Spending cuts in the UK and solidarity with Vio.Me

Your dose of #dailyoutrage live from Glasgow.

Watch the video:


Chancellor George Osborne today announced another £11.5 billion in spending cuts in the UK. This is disastrous for ordinary people, and economically illiterate. It also targets the former industrial heartlands in the North of the country.

Today is International Day in Solidarity with Vio.Me workers. Vio.Me is a factory in Thessaloniki in Greece that was taken into occupation and production by its workers.

Egyptian unions are joining the 30 June protests against Mohamed Morsi. 15 million signatures have been collected demanding he step down and announce early elections. Independent unions were central to the Egyptian revolution, and yet unions still can’t organise freely.

News International has changed the name of its UK operation to News UK – but we still know who they are.

Julia Gillard has been replaced as leader of Australia’s Labor Party by Kevin Rudd. Ms Gillard has been subject to vicious sexist personal attacks during her time in office.

The RMT union is holding its AGM in Brighton this week – we send solidarity greetings.

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