#DailyOutrage UK economy, Wonga, Ford and Tunisia

We get very angry in today’s #DailyOutrage as we discuss a number of critical issues facing our labour and progressive movement around the world. First, we discuss the worrying situation in Tunisia which today is experiencing a nationwide strike after the biggest trade union, UGTT, called the shutdown to denounce general “terrorism, violence and murders” after Tunisian opposition and socialist leader Mohamed Brahmi was killed yesterday.

The archbishop of Canterbury gets himself in a right mess after he was forced to admit that the Church of England holds a more than £1m investment in one of the main financial backers of Wonga after saying he was going to drive them out of business while ‘Gideon’ gets a little bit excited about 0.6% quarterly growth in the UK – tell that to the one million young people on the dole. We round up by talking about the Ford manufacturing plant in Southampton closing after fourty years of production. Ps thanks again Gideon what a great job you’re doing.

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