Danish unions are planning solidarity actions directed at the fiercely anti-union airline Ryanair, which started operating from Copenhagen last March.

The campaign has wide support

The campaign has wide support

When baggage handlers, fuelers and other staff stop servicing Ryanair, it may become impossible for the airline to continue operating from the Danish airport Kastrup.

There is increasing opposition across Europe against what many perceive as unfair competition from the Irish low cost airline, which has been accused of social dumping. Ryanair claims it operates under Irish law and that it can ignore social legislation in the countries in which it operates.

Nowhere has the opposition against these practices been as strong as in Denmark. According to the Financial Times, Ryanair is facing ‘one of the biggest challenges to its low-cost model’. Governments have told their staff not to use airlines that don’t abide by Danish labour law and large investors are reconsidering their investments in Ryanair. In a response, ceo Michael O’Leary said “I don’t care about investors who are waffling on about ILO conventions”.

The Danes are showing unions across Europe they don’t need to resign themselves to the erosion of labour conditions and labour rights. You can show them your support by liking their Luftens Helte Facebook page.

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