Mark Perryman introduces a night out to mark  70 years on from 1945’s Days of Hope

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Days of Hope Mk IVEven the most committed of Labour loyalists would be hard pushed to wax lyrical with imaginings of dancing in the street should Ed Miliband be strolling into Number Ten come the morning of 8 May. The days of such hope are already long gone.

That’s why Philosophy Football, in association with the RMT and supported by the FBU came up with an idea for a night out the Saturday after polling day, Saturday 9 May,  to celebrate all that ‘1945’ came to represent.

Josie Long

Josie Long

Not the establishment version of the VE Day anniversary  which purposefully disconnects the moment from either cause or effect. Instead we put the cause of popular anti-fascism centre stage, against the prejudice which starts with hate my neighbour and in Nazi Germany’s case ended with the industrialisation of mass murder, the Holocaust.

And the effect? The kind of landslide victory Ed Miliband can only dream of. A victory that createdthe welfare state, built homes fir for heroes, nationalised the railways. And to Labour’s Left the East End of London having stopped Moseley’s Blackshirts in ‘36 at Cable Street and survived the Blitz Stepney elected the Communist MP Phil Piratin as part of that landslide too.

Harry Leslie Smith

Harry Leslie Smith

So whatever happens, or not on 7 May plenty to celebrate. But also to ponder what seven decades on ever happened to that politics of hope? Discussing this to open the night WW2 veteran and NHS campaigner Harry Leslie Smith with two of the finest critical commentators of the current era Paul Mason and Owen Jones while joining the discussion from the key battle ground of the 2015 General Election, Cat Boyd, one of the founders of the Radical Independence Campaign.

Paul Mason

Paul Mason

The evening is an innovative mix of ideas with entertainment. . Poetry from Michael Rosen and Niall McDevitt, Josie Long’s comedy, and a headlining set from the darlings of agit-pop Captain SKA.

A night out to remember, decked out in trade union banners. A dancefloor recovery from keeping up with the results into the early hours of Friday morning. At one of London’s finest arts venues, Rich Mix in Shoreditch.

Tickets just £9.99 from Philosophy Football or call to book 01273 472 721.

* Mark Perryman is co-founder of Philosophy Football.

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