PCS and Prospect members angry at attacks on their working conditions

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DVSAPCS and Prospect members working at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency are balloting for strike action over attacks on their working conditions.

The PCS says the attacks ignore road safety and include forcing driving examiners to carry out additional tests. DVSA also intends to introduce a new flexible contract which introduces inferior terms and conditions for staff, including driving test examiners and operational staff across the UK.

A PCS spokesperson said: “We are opposed to this and have made it clear that previous full stress studies and previous research have indicated and shown that increasing the number of tests conducted during a day is likely to adversely affect the outcome of those tests.

“A road safety organisation should and must take consideration of that before introducing any increase in the daily number of tests, particularly in light of that same organisation trialling research on a new test.

“Our members over many years have produced first class services, have given their goodwill and have put up with many changes. What is now being forced through is totally unacceptable, it completely ignores road safety and puts members into a position where their efforts are being used and abused. We need and must send a strong message back to the employer that we will not accept these attacks on our terms and conditions.”

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