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For the latest wage and collective bargaining news visit this excelelent resource.


“Involving workers in company decisions not only represents an important element of the European Social Model but also makes good economic sense in modern economies. Against this background the EU has committed itself to the aim of promoting strong workers’ rights to information, consultation and participation at all levels of the company.”

The International Centre for Trade Union RIghts

ICTUR exists to defend and extend trade union rights worldwide.

International Labour Organisation

“The ILO is the international organization responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labour standards. It is the only ‘tripartite’ United Nations agency that brings together representatives of governments, employers and workers to jointly shape policies and programmes promoting Decent Work for all.”

International Labour Rights Forum

“ILRF is an advocacy organisation dedicated to achieving just and humane treatment for workers worldwide.”

Labour Research Department

“Welcome to the Labour Research Department (LRD), the independent research organisation publishing news and information for trade unionists. Around 2,000 trade union organisations are affiliated, representing more than 99% of total TUC membership.”

The Institute of Employment Rights

“The Institute of Employment Rights was established in February 1989 as an independent organisation to act as a focal point for the spread of new ideas in the field of labour law. In 1994 the Institute became a registered charity.”

Union News

“UnionNews is a professional news website run by Tim Lezard and Pete Murray, journalists with more than 50 years experience in print and broadcasting.”

Labour Start

“LabourStart is an online news service maintained by a global network of volunteers which aims to serve the international trade union movement by collecting and disseminating information — and by assisting unions in campaigning and other ways.”

Robin Hood Tax

“Help us help people both in the UK and overseas. The Robin Hood tax would raise billions to help the poor and the planet – we need to persuade world leaders to listen up and take action. To do that we need your voice. Get involved – you’ll find all the resources you need are here on this page. Care about it? Then shout and share it!”

Tax Research UK

“This blog is written and managed by Richard Murphy on behalf of Tax Research LLP.