TUC says legislation should be extended to medium-sized companies

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gender pay gap womenUnions say the government should extend its new gender pay gap legislation to medium-sized companies.

The government today announced companies employing more than 250 workers will have to publish the amount men and women are awarded in bonuses. But the TUC says the new legislation does not go far enough as men earn 19% than women doing the same job.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Publishing information on gender pay gaps in salaries and bonuses is a start. But it is just that – a start. Employers need to look at why women are still being paid less than men and do something meaningful about it.

“If the Prime Minister is serious about ending the gender pay gap within a generation he must not delay mandatory pay gap reporting and he should extend the law to medium-size companies as well as large employers. And companies that don’t comply with the law should be fined.

“If the government really wants to help women workers, it should also stop cutting tax credits and public services that make up a vital part of women’s income.

“It is shocking the UK still has such a large gender pay gap 45 years after the Equal Pay Act and I would urge all women concerned about their pay to join their union, to get their voice heard and their interests represented at work.”

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