RMT says rail operators have moral obligation to ensure low paid workers do not suffer “super exploitation”


Cleaners working on the Channel Tunnel network have moved closer to strike action in a campaign against what the RMT says are appallingly low pay levels.

The union has demanded fresh talks over pay for the 150 workers with OCS and Initial after members endorsed action with only two votes cast against.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: “It should be quite clear to OCS and Initial, as well as Eurostar and Network Rail, that the era of poverty pay for cleaners must come to an end.

“The offers so far on the table from OCS and Initial would all amount to a real-terms pay cut and are way below what our low-paid members need to secure a fair and just income, and way below the standard set by the London Living Wage.

“Both contractors have made substantial profits on the backs of low-paid staff who do a difficult and crucial job in keeping the Eurostar moving, and we are calling on them to return to the table for serious talks, or face the prospect of strike action.

“Eurostar made more than £92 million in profits last year, way ahead of its own target, and they and Network Rail have a moral obligation to ensure that workers on the Channel tunnel network do not suffer this kind of super-exploitation.”

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