Car parking attendants take action to defend colleague after “trumped-up” dismissal


Unite members working at the Ealing branch of parking enforcement giant NSL have today started a 48-hour strike in protest over the unfair dismissal of their colleague and trade union rep Parveen Bhardwaj.

The strike will result in one-third of Ealing’s 90 parking attendants being off work for two days as they demand his reinstatement and follows a 100 per cent vote in favour of strike action.

Members are demanding Parveen’s reinstatement after he was dismissed on what they believe to be trumped-up charges due to trade union activities. He was dismissed for allegedly falsifying an entry in his note book – a notebook that has now gone missing and was not available during the disciplinary hearing – and for talking to an off duty colleague.

Unite regional officer Richard Gates said: “We will fight these trumped-up charges against Parveen. We believe he was dismissed for his trade union activities and that this action by the company is a clear attack on Unite and its shop steward.

“Conveniently for NSL, there was only one witness to both events who stated Parveen was not where he was meant to be, therefore ‘falsifying his notebook’ and the same witness allegedly saw him idling. It is also disgraceful that during his hearing he was denied the opportunity to refer to his note book as part of his defence – as this book had ‘disappeared’.

“Unite does not consider these accusations to be grounds for dismissal and will not allow this employer to undermine the trade union in this way. Our members believe this to be a clear miscarriage of justice which has led them to a position where they feel they have no option other than to strike in support of their dismissed colleague.”

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