Michael Gove’s re-education plan also sees introduction of ‘shop-a-Marxist’ hotline to denounce union activists

Tim Lezard

GoveStudent teachers in England and Wales are to be taught how to deal with “Marxist” trade union reps as part of a re-education programme introduced today by the government to prevent future strikes.

Education secretary Michael Gove last month accused politically motivated teachers of actively trying to prevent millions of children getting the education they need.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Gove said: “These teachers are the Enemies of Promise. They are the ultra-militants who are threatening strikes. They oppose our plans to pay good teachers more because they resent the recognition of excellence and they hate academy schools because heads in those schools put the needs of children ahead of the demands of shop stewards.”

New documents, seen by UnionNews, show Gove’s distrust of unions has reached new heights. The former NUJ strike leader, who has walked away from talks with teaching unions, wants to prevent student teachers being brainwashed by senior colleagues when they start work.

He said: “The very idea that teachers might care about their students is ridiculous. The majority of teachers are only in the profession because they like the idea of having long holidays when everyone else is working for a living, apart from the scroungers and skivers, of course.

“Teachers say they put in extra hours every week which makes up for the holiday time, but if they spent as much time preparing lesson plans and marking work as they did planning the revolution, there wouldn’t be a problem.”

Other plans included in the programme, entitled All You Need Is Gove, include:

* a photograph of Michael Gove in every classroom

* teachers to be encouraged to write school reports in Latin

* a shop-a-Marxist hotline to denounce school reps

A spokesperson for a teaching union told UnionNews:  “I can’t talk, comrade – I’m off to the barricades. We have nothing to lose but our chains!”

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