FBU has been negotiating over pension schemes covering firefighters in England and Wales as well as lobbying Scottish ministers (left) in separate negotiations


The FBU has outlined its reasons for rejecting the government’s current negotiating framework for changes to pensions for its members working in fire control centres.

The FBU says the current proposals involving the Local government Pension Scheme for England and Wales (LGPS) would mean accepting an increase in the normal pension age of its members.

In a statement, it also says protection for low paid workers proposed in the ‘Heads of Agreement’ does not apply to any fire control room member.

Negotiators say accepting the government’s negotiating framework would not be in the best interests of fire control operators, nor does it take account of the specific work conrol operators do.

Separate talks are continuing with ministers over changes to the firefighters pension scheme. Late last year, the FBU secured agreement from the Treasury to consider raising the cost ceilings on the scheme.

Similar negotiations are said to be “coming to a head” with the Scottish government over the pension scheme north of the border. Ministers want the FBU to sign a Heads of Agreement document by the end of this week.

The FBU’s Scottish committee meets in emergency session on Friday to consider its next steps.

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