A multinational flavour giant has sacked its Turkish workforce for organising a union.

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International Flavors & Fragrances is a multinational chemical company that manufactures synthetic flavours and aromas for the food and fragrance industry. Based in New York, the company operates in 29 countries, manufacturing many of the flavours used by the food industry.

The company has a large manufacturing plant in Gebze, Turkey, where it has responded to the organisation of a union with mass dismissals.

The reality: IFF sacks workers for organising

The reality: IFF sacks workers for organising

The Tobacco, Drink, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (Tekgida-Is) in Turkey organised workers at the Gebze factory last year and the Labour Ministry recognised the union as the bargaining unit on June 18, 2015.

Workers formed a union in response to poor working conditions and there have been allegations of serious health and safety concerns. IFF challenged this decision at the local labour court and dismissed 30 workers between July and September for exercising their right to join a union. Following the dismissal of a prominent union supporter, Tekgida-Is organised a protest action in front of the factory gate and issued a press statement on September 7 calling on IFF to respect union rights and stop pressuring workers to resign from their union.

When two active union members were dismissed the following day, workers demonstrated in front of the factory gate. Management increased the pressure on workers to resign from the union and suspended production for 3 days from September 11 to September 13. When workers returned to work on September 14 they learned that 17 more workers were dismissed; 10 more workers were dismissed later in September.

In response to this clear attack on fundamental rights, workers continue their round the clock protest at the factory gate.

Send a message to IFF, telling the company to immediately reinstate the 30 dismissed workers to their jobs, respect union rights and start negotiating with Tekgida-Is in good faith.

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