Industriall and Labourstart have been campaigning for people to join the global day of action, today (Wednesday 16 September) for #Justice4MulberryWorkers

Industriall and Labourstart have been campaigning for people to join the global day of action, today (Wednesday 16 September) for #Justice4MulberryWorkers who are employed by SF Leather, where approximately 90% of the leather purses they produce go to Mulberry. 14 key union supporters were sacked on 26 March and when their union, Deriteks rejected the company’s offer in April to reinstate 11 of the 14 workers on the condition they forget the union, SF Leather then aggressively campaigned to crush the organizing drive completely.

Mulberry are a luxury handbag and clothing brand with handbags costing up to as much as £5,500. Demand that they live up to their own ‘Global Sourcing Principles’. Mulberry’s only action has been to hire independent auditing firm, Re-Assurance to conduct an investigation. Although the auditors have not spoken to the affected workers.

Instead of taking steps to solve the conflict, SF Leather has brought charges against Deriteks. The president of the union’s Izmir Branch, Makum Alagöz, now stands trial for non-compliance with the 26 May impounding of a union banner; the 3 June instruction to stop distributing campaign material online; and using Mulberry’s name in the campaign.

The three demands to Mulberry are:

1) Require that SF Leather immediately drop all court cases against Deriteks Sendika and the SF Leather workers.
2) Require that SF Leather hire back the 14 illegally dismissed workers
3) Require SF Leather to immediately stop all illegal union-busting activities

The IndustriALL-LabourStart campaign has already directed over 10,000 messages to Mulberry in support of the workers’ right to join Deriteks at SF Leather in Izmir.

IndustriALL Global Union Assistant General Secretary Kemal Özkan states:

“Deriteks’ global trade union supports wholeheartedly the 16 September action and its key demands. Mulberry’s inaction is unacceptable. The company sells high-end purses from SF Leather under the pretext that it respects the workers who made them. Lies.”

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