Union fears large scale redundancies at Edinburgh, Belfast and Manchester airports


GMB negotiators are today attending “crunch” talks over the merger between BA and BMI which they fear will lead to large scale redundancies at Edinburgh, Belfast and Manchester airports.

The union is also expecting BA to move on its intention to make staff redundant and get a new provider to re-employ on lesser terms and conditions.

GMB organiser Eddie Parker said: “The meeting on Monday in Heathrow in pivotal in the talks about the integration of the BMI business into BA and the current state of these talk has major implications for Edinburgh, Belfast and Manchester airports which are facing whole redundancies.

“BA want to make everyone redundant to let a new provider re employ staff on lesser terms. GMB want current staff transferred with all their current terms and conditions intact as the TUPE laws require.

“If BA want redundancies they need to put a top end redundancy package on offer. But in the current climate of unemployment it would be best for people to keep their jobs.

“All this is magnified in Belfast as BMI have only one route remaining and BA is not offering any firm commitment on this beyond 2013.”

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