Serco refuses to speak to union after campaign to improve pay and conditions


The GMB is warning of industrial action at a South West hospital after Serco unofficially “de-recognised” the union.

The union has for nine months campaigned to stop cuts in terms and conditions at Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital, and now the private contractor is refusing to talk to them.

GMB organiser Kevin Mason said: “Since Serco cut off formal dialogue at the beginning of the month, I’ve made several attempts to re-establish dialogue, discuss our members’ concerns and resolve the issues. Unfortunately, to date, the company has not responded to our approaches.

“Serco say they intend to replace the formal negotiating committee with a staff forum, which is a clear indication they are trying to limit our input into future negotiations.

“We’re doing our best to work with Serco to get these matters resolved, however their current position means our members on the Derriford site are being denied representation at work, and this is not an acceptable position.

“If the matter is not resolved, it will lead to a formal dispute between GMB and Serco on the Plymouth hospital site.”

In 2009 Serco took over the running of the ten-year contract at the hospital to provide help desk, ward housekeeping, patient and staff catering, portering and cleaning.




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