NUT conference passes motion of no confidence in education secretary

Tim Lezard

GoveDelegates at the NUT’s national conference have passed a motion of no confidence in education secretary Michael Gove.

Speaking after the debate in Liverpool, general secretary Christine Blower said:  “Quite simply the Secretary of State has lost the confidence of most teachers. All the main teacher unions have each now tabled motions of no confidence.  The NUT has, of course, been critical of governments of all political colours where it believes their education policies are flawed and not in the best interests of children or teachers.

“The Secretary of State should now recognise that morale in the teaching profession is at dangerously low levels. This is reflected starkly in the results of an NUT-commissioned You Gov survey that was published at the turn of year.  This saw more than half (55%) of teachers describe their morale as low or very low, an increase of 13% since teachers were asked the same question in April 2012 (2).

“More recently we have also seen that the Secretary of State is engendering scant confidence in parents.  After nearly three years in power, only 8% of parents think that this government has made a positive impact on the education system. Almost half believe it has had a negative impact.

“If the Secretary of State chooses to plough on regardless with such little support his ‘Poll Tax moment’ could be just round the corner”.

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