Unions react angrily after Education Secretary describes curriculum as “dull and uninspiring”


The NASUWT has said Michael Gove’s speech about ICT in schools is a slap in the face for teachers.

The Secretary of State announced he was scrapping the current ICT curriculum because it was “dull and uninspiring”.

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said: “This is a slap in the face for ICT teachers. There is no evidence for his sweeping assertion. ICT teachers, like all other subject specialists, want to see their subject grow and develop and for pupils to achieve even higher levels of attainment. This isn’t achieved by simply abolishing the national programmes of study.

“ICT was left out of the EBacc and therefore like all excluded subjects its future status was already at serious risk. This latest development downgrades ICT even more. There is now a real risk that schools will marginalise ICT completely, reduce dramatically its share of curriculum time and put the jobs of specialist teachers at risk. This is no way to promote the value of a subject that is critical to education in the 21st Century.”

Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT, said: “The NUT welcomes the opportunity to be involved in the consultation on the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and Attainments and assessment arrangements for ICT.

“The consultation on ICT should however be considered in the context of the current review of the National Curriculum and any changes made to the ICT curriculum in schools should happen at the same time. Piecemeal changes only disrupt the preparation that teachers have to make when initiatives are introduced.

“It is encouraging to see that one of the principle objectives of the review is to ‘offer a more creative and challenging curriculum’. This must not be undermined by continuing with the system of league tables and unnecessary floor targets which can lead to teaching to the test, resulting in all creativity being knocked out of schools.”

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