CWU angry after MPs start Easter recess without changing law to cover attacks on private land


The CWU has reacted angrily to the government’s failure, yet again, to fulfil its promise to strengthen the law on dangerous dogs.

The government had said that an announcement would be made before the Easter recess, but has broken its word once more.

CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said: “This is extremely disappointing – and I’m afraid, very typical. Animal Welfare Minister Jim Pace has repeatedly said he will address this urgent issue, but then done absolutely nothing.

“More than 23,000 of our members have been attacked over the last four years; 11 people have been killed in dog attacks, since 2006 – six of them children.

“How many more tragedies will it take for the Government to stop the irresponsible shilly-shallying that’s gone on in the two years since David Cameron gave us an assurance in 2010 that he would act. His words have proved to be empty.”

The Scottish and Northern Ireland Governments and the Welsh Assembly have all changed the law to crack down on irresponsible dog owners.

The CWU and other organisations have a No 10 Downing Street petition calling for government action on irresponsible dog ownership here.

The CWU wants the law to be changed to cover attacks on private land where 70% of attacks on postal workers occur but irresponsible owners are immune from prosecution; increased police and dog warden powers; compulsory microchipping; the introduction of Dog Control Notices; better enforcement and stiffer court penalties.

CWU is campaigning for law changes with organisations including RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Battersea Dogs Home, Kennel Club, the Police Federation, Association of Chief Police Officers, Royal College of Nursing, vets national bodies, Dog Warden Association, Royal Mail and BT.


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