Locked-out printworkers from MMP in Bootle continue their weeks of protests, demonstrating outside the Grand National in nearby Aintree (pictured)


Locked-out printworkers from the MMP plant in Bootle on Merseyside have continued their weeks of protests, demonstrating outside the Grand National in Aintree (pictured), leafleting the European head office of a key MMP client, as well as a string of major stores across the UK.

The Austrian-owned printing firm, Mayr-Melnhof is now trying to supply high value customers such as Kelloggs and Unilever from other European sites, following the closure last month of the Bootle plant, with the loss of around 150 jobs.

Unite has vowed to fight the closure through the UK courts.

The locked-out workers say the campaign to re-open the site and get a fair deal for those sacked and discarded will continue this week.

Unite says the decision to close the highly profitable Bootle factory was taken illegally.

The company plans to move the work to France and Germany.

(Pictured: Unite protests outside Kelloggs European head office, Dublin)

It blames the loss of a contract with Kelloggs for the closure and job cuts.

Unite has staged protests outside major supermarkets and stores, as well as targeting the offices in London of major shareholders in MMP.

(Pictured: leafleting shoppers at a branch of the Co-Operative, Glasgow)

The ‘leverage’ campaign is intended to focus the attention of members of the public on the company’s major clients, such as Unilever and the manufacturers of Camel cigarettes.

The Labour MSP, Elaine Smith (pictured, left) has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament, criticising the closure of a major manufacturing site in an area of high unemployment.

She told UnionNews: “It is important that we support workers and ensure that the legislation put in place over the years to protect workers is adhered to and that multinational employers must not be allowed to discriminate and treat workers illegally in the UK.”

(Grand National image courtesy of MMP workers, image of Kelloggs protest, Elaine Smith MSP courtesy of Unite)

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