Italian union FISAC and finance sectors go on strike to protect terms and conditions

FISAC CGIL poster 2

On Friday 30th January, Italian finance sector workers will have a day of industrial action to protect their terms and conditions.  As from 1st April if the National Collective Agreement in Italy is cancelled then this will have massive knock-on effects for the European finance sector as Italy has one of Europe’s highest rates of union density in the sector.

The following rules and salary provisions may be cancelled:

1) WORKING HOURS:  the current 37 and half weekly hours may be replaced by the legal 40 hours and no more annual leave from the past working week reduction

2) UNFAIR RELOCATION:  protection clauses may be cancelled

3) LEGAL ASSISTANCE:  in case of judicial proceedings connected to working activity

4) HOLIDAYS : Legal provision of 20 working days instead of the current 22-25-26 according to seniority

5) TRAINING: no compulsory training during working hours

6) REDUCTION: of the period to keep your job in case of illness

7) NO MORE ALLOWANCES (cashiers, shifts, lunches, maternity leave, missions, students children etc.)

FISAC CGIL poster 1

The proposed changes which are being resisted by our supporting union – FISAC – will lead to substantial salary reductions and the terminations of collective and company wide agreements.

For further information please contact Mario Ongaro, the International Coordinator of Fisac-Cgil.

Interview with Mario Ongaro

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