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Branch Affiliation

Affiliate your union branch, student group or co-op.We can work with you on projects and issues that concern your members, and build practical solidarity with comrades in other countries. Affiliating couldn’t be easier and can be done be setting up a one-off direct debit. 

Please download our Affiliation flyer or affiliate online. See below for Irish and international affiliations.

Why affiliate?

USI will work with union branches and co-operatives to develop projects that use social media to campaign for change. By harnessing new media we can speak directly with people with an interest in our point of view to help share experiences and information to build the alternative.

  1. Build worker to worker solidarity
  2. Fight for trade union rights around the world
  3. Strengthen industrial links between union branches internationally
  4. Setting up international twinning arrangements
  5. Funding union development projects such as our campaigns to build Solidarity with Greece, organise Brick Kiln Workers in India and support research into corporate abuses of workers rights.

You can affiliate as an individual, union or co-op branch, trades council, union local, regionally or nationally. Affiliation fees are available in the flyer or direct debit page.

Irish and international affiliations can be done via PayPal for the following amounts: 

Branches of up to 100 members can affiliate for 12 (up to 200 – 24, 300 – €36, 400 – €48, 500 – €60) with union branches over 500 members at an annual cost of €90.

USI will work with trade unions across the world to explore the opportunities for union branches to twin and help them set-up exchanges through social media and the technology we have at our disposal.

USI wants to play its role in empowering workers to fight back and to support them in their struggles in different corners of the globe. We want to internationalise local campaigns so we build a movement that campaigns for change using our audience and supporter base that is in the tens of thousands.

This can be achieved through digitally campaigning by getting the active participation of union members, branches and progressives in the UK and Ireland – and beyond! But we also want your ideas as to how we can best allocate resources to deserving campaigns supporting workers and social movements – so please let us know here.

If you would prefer you can affiliate for the appropriate amount by post by sending a cheque, made payable to ‘Union Solidarity International’ to the following address: First Floor, 22/24 Worple Road, London, SW19 4DD.

Model affiliation motion

Do you need a model motion to put to your branch of committee to affiliate to USi? Download our model motion and us it as a starting point.

Subscribe to our networks

If you’re interested in building international trade union solidarity, we’d encourage you to give us some more information about yourself. This will enable us to keep you informed of campaigns that are important to you. It will also give you access to courses and online educational resources, live webinars and more.

We believe that joining USI will be an enriching experience as you communicate with trade unionists to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing our movement and discuss the campaigns we can develop to hopefully change our World.

So take two minutes out to join USI. Get involved, get active and participate – and together let’s build union solidarity!

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