Dave Prentis to tell rally this is the last chance to save the NHS


The General Secretary of UNISON will tonight warn health campaigners at a rally in London that time to save the NHS from the government’s Health and Social Care Bill is running out.

The union will call for the bill to be dropped and warn that future generations will not forgive or forget if we let them down by allowing the Tories to pull apart our NHS.

Dave Prentis will say: “This is our last chance to save the NHS. Cameron knows he can’t allow the health bill to hang around any longer because the more people see of it, the more they hate it. The more people read it, the more come out in their droves and demand it is scrapped.

“Cameron is forcing it through. A few cosmetic tweaks from Clegg and that’s it – no more debates, no further chance for MPs to have any meaningful say. They blocked disclosure of the risk register, they blocked a debate on the e-petition that more than 160,000 of us signed. Now they want to rush the bill onto the statute book before the budget.

“Talk about burying bad news. It doesn’t get any worse than this; those with cash in their pocket can jump the queue for treatment, competition replacing compassion. The vultures in the healthcare companies circling – ready to put profits above patient care.

“This is our NHS – the jewel in the crown of the welfare state. The fairest, most efficient health service in the world. No-one wants their children to turn round in 10 years and say “your generation let mine down”, “you had the NHS – a comprehensive service, a quality service, a free service, and you let those Tories pull it apart.”

“So don’t let them down – keep fighting and let’s kill this bill – now.”

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