Members of PCS, NUT and UCU lobby Chancellor over austerity measures


A delegation of public sector trade unionists from across the North West is today lobbying the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne when he visits

Twenty members of the PCS, NUT and UCU are visiting Knutsford in the constituency of Tatton to lobby local MP Osborne on the effects of his austerity measures on local communities. A much bigger demonstration had to be cancelled when a wealthy land owner denied access to open space and police refused to facilitate a march.

The unions claim that the people of Tatton have to recognise their role in electing an MP, who as the Chancellor is cutting jobs, services, pay and pensions across the whole of the north west and beyond.

PCS NorthWest regional secretary Peter Middleman said: “Multi-millionaire Osborne is chiefly responsible for the government’s economic policies of cuts, but with a majority of over fourteen thousand we do not expect to find too many natural allies.

“Nevertheless, it is entirely legitimate to take the campaign against cuts to his doorstep.  Though undoubtedly an affluent part of our region, Tatton is not an enclave which is immune from the effects of the devastation being inflicted on poorer communities”.

Martin Kelsey, Chair of the PCS North West Committee, added, “With over 650,000 public servants in this region delivering a vast range of services, the north west risks being amongst the hardest hit by public sector cuts.  The Chancellor’s local pay proposalsalone would strip £2.5bn from the local economy; which ought to be a great concern to all of the local businesses who rely on our spending power for their income.”

From noon, the demonstrators will hand out leaflets to shoppers, pass a letter in to the local Conservative Association office and stage a photo opportunity with a “Hands Off Our Pensions” message ahead of a planned strike on 10th May.

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