Dave Prentis urges people to vote for the party that cares about public services


UNISON today launches a campaign encouraging its members in May’s local and Mayoral elections to vote for the party that cares about public services.

General secretary Dave Prentis said: “Voters across the country are being hit hard by public spending cuts. The unemployed young person who has lost the help they need to find work, the elderly person watching their social care services disappear, the low income family that has lost thousands in tax credits. Meanwhile, the richest 1% are in line for tax cuts in coalition Britain.

“In May’s elections voters face a stark choice. Vote for the coalition parties and vote for cuts, or vote for the party that cares about public services. UNISON’s campaign is aimed at making sure voters make the right choice at the ballot box in May.”

The union’s campaign features strong images with simple messages that highlight the real victims of the coalition’s public spending cuts. The first shows an elderly woman who appeals to the viewer with the message ‘Please don’t vote to close care homes’. The second features a crying baby with the text ‘Please don’t vote to close nurseries’. The third shows a mother and child who say to the reader ‘Please don’t vote for public service cuts’.

As well as getting the message across in national, local newspapers and online, key cities – London, Birmingham and Southampton – will be targeted with a billboard campaign. UNISON members across the country will also be contacted by text and phone calls to remind them to cast their vote for public services in May.

The union is also targeting areas where the BNP or far right parties are standing, to spread the anti fascist message.

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