ASLEF describes action as a ‘distraction’ and says employer should spend money on resolving dispute not legal fees


ASLEF has dismissed as a ‘distraction’ the news that London Underground has launched legal action in a bid to halt strikes planned on Boxing Day.

Last week, Aslef’s 2,200 members voted by 92.3% for strike action after the company said it would force drivers to work for no extra money on Boxing Day.

Howard Collins, LU’s Chief Operating Officer, today said: “This threat of strike action is disgraceful, and Londoners will share our disbelief at these outrageous claims by Aslef’s leadership for even more money to work on a day for which their members are already being paid.

“LU has a long-standing agreement with all of its trade unions which covers working arrangements on public holidays, and Boxing Day is included in that

“The Underground is a public service that should be playing its part in helping Londoners and the Capital have a happy and prosperous Christmas, and we will take every possible step to ensure that happens.’

An ASLEF spokesperson said the union was disappointed but not surprised at the legal challenge.

He said: “I’m sure Londoners would prefer LUL to be sitting down with the union hammering out a solution to this dispute rather than wasting time briefing solicitors and wasting money by pouring it into the pockets of barristers.

“We don’t expect the legal challenge to be successful and all it will do is increase ill-feeling which will make an agreement more difficult to secure. Legal action at this time is no more than a distraction.’

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